Roof Racks & Accessories

For all tipes of roof racks and loads of accessories to go with. Visit Tyre & Tube Hyper for all your adventure needs.

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Snorkes And Air filtters

Tyre & Tube Hyper supply and fit a wide range of Snorkels and Air Filtters to keep your 4x4 going strong on all your adventures, no matter what lies ahead or around the next corner you will be ready.

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Spare Wheels & Spare wheel tyre carriers

Don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere with 2 flat tyres and no cel phone reception. Make sure before you leave on your next trip you know the road and terrain that you will be traveling on, and plan accordingly. We know our tyres and there capabilities for different terrains and conditions, with first hand experience traveling on southern Africa's toughest trails and roads ways. Ask the experts if you need advice.

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Ironman Winch

On one of my first adventures to Botswana, the winch that I ordered did not arrive till 2 days after we left. We decided to go with out the winch. Not a good plan we got stuck in the wettest year that Botswana has seen in 28 years, the hole Savute March was flooded. We got stuck taking the wrong road and was stting in the middle of nowhere. After hours of trying to get free and on the brink of giving up for the day, a scout on a lookout vehicle spotted us and with about 10 people and 200m of rope got us free.
I fitted the Winch after that trip and have only used it once for my self and over 100 times for helping people on the way. You wont need your winch on every trip, but the day you need it, makes every sent spent seem worthwhile.

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Air Compressors

For any 4x4 enthusiast that wants to get long lasting live and the best performance from his vehicle and tyres a portable or build in Air Compressor is a must.

4x4 enthusiast know that all tipes of terrains,speeds and loads require different air pressure for optimum performance and durability on your vehicle and tyres. Your tyres air pressure needs to be adjusted according to the changing conditions you are traveling in.


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