LED ligths and fitment opptions

LED Lights and Light Bar fitment for your Bike, Car, Suv, 4x4 or truck. Weather you want your LED lights to stand out or blend in, big and small we do them all. Switches is placed as customer requests, with different styles to match different vehicles.

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Speciality LED Lights

With every persons needs different, light needed from all angles with changing applications Vereeniging Tyres will have a solution for you. We Specialise in designing custom brackets for speciality LED Lights making your purchase functional and stylish. Speciality LED light installations like Hunting Lights, Security Lights or an extra Reverse Lights to name a few.

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LED Driving lights

This is an example of A LED Bar fitted to a nudge bar of this Amarok. The purposes of the LED Bar is to assist with extra light on dark gravel roads. This was exactly what this customer needed because of his frequent night time driving on gravel roads.

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We supply and fit light switches

From toggle switches to custom LED Bar switches. We have the what you need. As mentioned above switches is placed to customer request, with different styles to match different vehicles.

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