Other services

4X4 Armour

Off roading can be hard and demanding on your vehicle depending on the deg of difficulty of the trails you like doing. Protect your 4x4 with some Body Armour.

LED Lights

Functional and stylish, make your 4x4 look great with some good looking and powerful off road LED Lights. If you need extra light Tyre & Tube Hyper will help you to light up Africa.

4X4 Suspension

The best 4x4 Suspension, quality tested products. A good 4x4 suspension is a must for any 4x4 enthusiast wanting to try out that tougher trails. A proper suspension will get you over and thru any obstacles in your way.

4X4 Accessories

All sorts of 4x4 Accessories, from winches to snorkels. Please phone us to find out more on all the different accessories supplied by Tyre & Tube Hyper.

Car Wash

If leave your car at Tyre & Tube Hyper for any service or products. Why not get it washed as well? Please incuire at any one in the sales team.

Customer Care

At Tyre & Tube Hyper we Care! If there was any probleme with your service. Please let Jacques Scott (Manager) know asap. But not only the bad please, if you where happy and received helped with excellent service. Let my know in writing or by phone . Thank you