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What Does rim repair & refurbish include?
During rim repair & refurbish we will:
  • Clean and check your rims for bents and cracks.
  • Cracks wil be welded and repaired. All bents is heated and pushed back to form. After rebuilding and repairs, the rim will be checked on the balancing machine and resprayed
  • No rim will be skimmed or thinned on the in side.
  • Tyre will be fitted and balanced. Once everything is in orde the wheel will be fitted back to your vehicle.
Perform a courtesy inspection, where the automotive technician will:
  • Inspect the nuts or studs and ad some rust protection lubricate.
  • The hubs and spigot rings will be inspected to insure quality and correct fitment.
Signs and Symptoms Your Vehicle Rims
Needs Attention:
  • Vibrations felt on the steering wheel and inside the vehicle while driving.
  • Bumpy and uneven drive.
  • If your wheel is losing air slowly with no penetration in the tyre, like a slow puncher.
    This could indicate that there is dirt on the rim or a small crack.
  • At Tyre & Tube Hypers we recommend that regular checks is done to be proactive in detecting problems and trying to eliminate further damages or loss.
  • Our recommendation is to do wheel Alignment, Balancing & Tyre rotation before every 10 000km.
  • Where any problems to your tyres, rims & suspension parts will be inspected.

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