Tyres – Protect the life of your Family

It's The Tyres That Stop The Car.

When it comes to your safety and driving pleasure, your tyres are the most important component on your vehicle.
The brakes stop the wheels, and the tyres bring the car to a halt.

Tyres this is where it all happens:
Braking, Acceleration, Traction, Handling, Steering, Comfort.
Even the most powerful car won’t grip the road without the right tyres.


When you think safety think tyres remember the only thing that is holding your car to the road, and maintaining grip, is an area on the tyres that is the size of a hand. You need the best!



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What Does a Tyre Change Service Include?
During a tyre change service, Tyre & Tube Hyper will:
  • Inspect tyre tread, pressure and tyre wear.
    At Tyre & Tube Hyper we will inspect all 4 tyres fitted and ask to check the spare every time you visit us.
  • Our qualified sales staff will inform you of any problems noted on the vehicle after inspection.
  • Tyre & Tube Hyper sales staff will then discuss the matter with you, advising you on tyre damage, replacement, repair, rotation, irregular or uneven tread wear, tyre pressure, different tread patters and all involved components in the fitting process like spigot rings, hub, studs & nuts.
    When with all the necessary information at hand our sales team will help you chose the best possible option for your needs. Keeping in mind your safety comes 1st, helping you to a cost effective solution that will suite your budget.
Perform a courtesy inspection, where the automotive Sales technician will:
  • Inspect your rims for cracks, dents or any other faults. Valves will be checked and always replaced with new tyres fitted.

  • Once the wheels are removed from the vehicle all the associated components will be inspected like spigot rings, hub, studs & nuts.

  • If any faults is identified the matter will brought to the customers attention and possible solutions will be discussed.
  • Check for cracks on the sidewall of the tyre, if the tyre looks old check the date on the tyres side wall. It will have a number like this (2617) meaning this tyre was made the 26 week of 2017. Most tyres have a manufacturing guarantee for 5 year form the manufacturing date.
  • Tyre pull, irregular wear on tyres will cause the vehicle to pull to the side with most resistance. If your wheel alignment is correct and done properly but the vehicle is still pulling to one side their is a 99% chance of tyre pull.
  • Sidewall damage check for any cuts and bubbles on the sidewall.
  • Vibration when driving may be cased by imbalance in the rim and tyre combo, flat spot on the tyre cased by heavy braking and irregular tread wear like Heal & Toe that is caused due to failure to rotate tyres frequently enough.
  • Regular tyre inspection must be done, to check for tyre damage caused by potholes and objects in the road.
    Wheel alignment must be doen before every 10 000km we recommend every 8 000km and if you want the maximum out of the tyres every 5 000km is what I do.
  • Rotating your tyre front to back is one of the most important maintenance tips I can give.
    This is done with wheel alignment and is a must before every 10,000km. For the best performance from your tyres ithe more you do rotation the better, keeping the distance traveled +- the same for each set of tyres on he front and rear axel will get you the most km from you tyres.

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