Wheel Balancing – Essential for comfortable vibrations free drive

Wheel balancing enables tyres to spin without causing any vibrations and is required every time tyres are fitted or dismounted for repair. During wheel balancing, your wheels will be diagnosed by a special machine and then balanced by affixing weights to the rim.

Wheel alignment and Wheel Balancing are two totally different things, but many people often get them confused.

In a nutshell, wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. The purpose of these adjustments is maximum tyre life and a vehicle that tracks straight and true when driving along a straight and level road.

Wheel Balancing, on the other hand allows the tyres and wheels to spin without causing any vibrations. This is accomplished by checking for any heavy spots on the wheel-tyre combination and compensating for it by placing a measured lead weight.


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What Does a Wheel Balancing Include?
During wheel balancing, Vereeniging Tyres will:
  • Clean your rims on the inside, remove the old weigths.
  • The rim & tyre will then be fitted to the balancing machine where it will be checked for balancing. The technician will then ad weigths to the rim,to rectify any imbalance detected.
  • The rim & tyre will then be fitted back to your vehicle.
Perform a courtesy inspection, where the Balancing technician will:
  • Check for bent rims, cracks and rims that are out of rond.
  • They will also check your tyres for flat spots, unwanted tread wear or out of round tyres.
  • We will they supply you with a suitable solution for the problem.
Signs and Symptoms Your Wheel Balancing
Needs Attention:
  • Vibration in the steering wheel at certain highway speeds, this vibration will be experienced more intensely at certain speeds like 120km/h or 80km/h.

    Vibration in the seat or floorboard at certain highway speeds.

    Scalloped or cupped wear pattern on the tyres

  • Rims must be clean on the inside to prevent vibration.
  • Correct rim fittment to vehical is essential for perfect balancing.
  • Wheel Balancing must be checked regularly, or when a vibration is felt in the vehicle.
  • Tyre & Tube Hyper recommendation is checking every 6 months, this will insure a comforable drive & a longer live in steering components.

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